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Pack 144 is a Cub Scout pack, historically sponsored by "A group of Dads", in Northeast Seattle. We meet on Wednesday nights, usually at Bryant Elementary. We are very proud of our history as the oldest Cub Scout pack in Washington State and one of the oldest in the country.

We're a very active Pack, with 3 all-Pack meetings and 1 Den meeting per month, plus 4 weekends Campouts per year. All of our Pack activities are focused on quality Parent-Cub time. Parent participation is required.

We are also a large Pack, with around 95 kids in the Pack at a time. We have boys and girls ranging from 1st to 5th grades, and most of our Cubs continue onto BSA Scouts after graduation.


Membership Application Process

  1. Fill out the form below to create an account on the website and tell us how to contact you. (Existing members can skip this step)
  2. Log into the website and select 'My Family' from the naviation bar at the top of the page.
  3. Select 'Nominate a cub' to complete the application for your new Scout.
  4. We will handle the rest from here. In the meantime, you can add addional family members or make updates to your application.


Important Considerations

  • Applications are accepted at any time during the year. Your child qualifies for Cub Scouts based on their school grade year in September of the year they would join the Pack.
  • In the spring (April-May), we will send out emails to confirm your continued interest in joining Pack 144. If you have changed your email or phone number, make sure to notify us during the year by contacting
  • We make our selection of new cubs in early June depending on several criteria including the number of openings we have due to cubs leaving the Pack, siblings coming into the Pack (automatic preference), length of time on the waitlist and various other factors.
  • Membership confirmation/decline emails are sent by end of July. All of those on the waitlist who did not get admitted to the Pack will automatically remain on the waitlist unless you notify us otherwise.

NOTE: It becomes increasingly difficult to gain admittance into the Pack as your kid gets older. Once he/she is past 2nd grade, the odds of getting into the Pack drop quickly. While we would love to admit everyone into the Pack and experience what we have to offer, we can only manage so many kids at a time. We encourage you to explore other Cub Scouting options in our region. Please go to Boy Scouts of America to look up other great Cub Scout Packs in Northeast Seattle.

Current Status

We are starting to review our waitlist and open spots for next year. If you have previously applied, you should have received an email in May from our membership team to confirm your continued interest in Pack 144. Simply reply to that email and we will confirm your interest or remove you from the waitlist. If you did not hear from us but believe that you should have, please email us directly at

Thank you for your interest in Pack 144.

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