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Pack 144 is a Cub Scout pack sponsored by a group of dads in Northeast Seattle. We meet on Wednesday nights at Bryant Elementary. We are very proud of our history as the oldest Cub Scout pack in Washington State.

We are a very active pack, with four camp out weekends per year, as well as many other activities. We are also a large pack, with around 90 boys in the pack at a time.

We have boys from first to fifth grades, and many of our boys continue on membership in a Boy Scout troop.

We'd love to have you and your son join with us in the fun (and work) of being in the pack. We accept new members every fall, but we accept applications for membership at all times. We maintain a waiting list for new cubs, and typically are able to notify new members of their status on the wait list by the end of June.


Membership Application Process

NOTE:  It becomes increasingly difficult to gain admittance into the Pack as your boy gets older.  Once you are past 2nd grade, the odds of getting into the Pack drop quickly.  While we would love to admit everyone into the Pack and experience what we have to offer, we can only manage so many boys at a time.  We encourage you to explore other cub scouting options in our region.  Please go to Boy Scouts of America to look up other great Cub Scout Packs in Northeast Seattle.


Current Status

We are starting to review our waitlist and open spots for next year.  If you have previously applied, you should have received an email in May from our membership team to confirm your continued interest in Pack 144. Simply reply to that email and we will confirm your interest or remove you from the waitlist.  If you did not hear from us but believe that you should have, please email us directly at


Sign-up Form

Use the New Cub Sign-up Form to tell us about you and your cub.  This will put your cub on the wait list.   You may sign up your cubs as early as you like, we do not purge the list each year, it just rolls over.  If you make a mistake or your contact information changes you can email the Membership Chair.


Website accounts for alumni and friends of the pack

If you would like to keep up with the pack and have been involved with Pack 144 before or are family or friends of pack members, please email the webmaster to get an account setup so you can access the site.

Thank you for your interest in Pack 144.